The five essentials to boosting high school performance

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Classic Education Management


The simple directions have finally come. These are not techniques. These are essentials. 5 essentials! It s that simple. Read this book, study in the right way, and boost your high school performance. In the process: You can save time, have a joyful life while getting marvellous results, reach a new maximum by transforming your mind, and achieve your goals. There is a supernatural power in thinking big. Prepare to unleash it. In contrast to other books on the same subject area, this book: focuses on essentials which are generally applicable and will remain effective for a life time; provides different important perspectives, which are not purely just from an educationist's or a psychologist's point of view; helps students to cultivate inner strength and achieve their full potential; enhances holistic learning and provides whole-person development; emphasizes learning as partnership between parents and children. Boosting high school results is not the sole responsibility of a teenager. Parents are strongly advised to partner with their children. The unique fact that this book was written by a father and a son working closely together demonstrates the strong sense of synergy required.





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Voon, J., & Voon, J. (2008). The five essentials to boosting high school performance. Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia: Classic Education Management.

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