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Consumption-based CAPM; risk premium; equity premium puzzle; expectation dependence


We extend the Consumption-based CAPM (C-CAPM) model to representative agents with different risk attitudes. We use the concept of expectation dependence and show that for a risk averse representative agent, it is the first-degree expectation dependence rather than the covariance that determines C-CAPM's riskiness. We extend the assumption of risk aversion to prudence and provide an additional dependence condition to obtain the values of asset price and equity premium. Results are generalized to higher-degree risk changes and higher- order risk averse representative agents, and are linked to the equity premium puzzle.

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Li, J., & Dionne, G. (2010). A theoretical extension of the consumption-based CAPM model (CIRRELT-2010-60). Canada: CIRRELT. Retrieved from

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