Elevation of belles lettres

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Hawaii reader in traditional Chinese culture

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Although literature was produced in the earliest eras of Chinese civilization, it remained for a very long time as part of historical, philosophical, or different forms of practical discourses. It was not until after the Han that the Chinese began to discuss the intrinsic aesthetic value of literature, to advocate and institutionalize literary pursuits for their own sake, and to confer a respectable social status upon literary writers. Particularity remembered for such endeavors to elevate belles lettres are three brothers of the ruling family of the Liang dynasty: Xiao Tong (501-531), Xiao Gang (503-551), and Xiao Yi (508-554).

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Cai, Z.-q. (2005). Elevation of belles lettres. In V. H. Mair, N. S. Steinhardt & P. R. Goldin (Eds.), Hawaii reader in traditional Chinese culture (pp.282-287). Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.