The antecedents of constructive controversy : beyond cooperative goal

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The 29th International Congress of Psychology

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German Psychological Society and Association of German Professional Psychologists


Constructive controversy is proved to be one important team process variable and cooperative goal is evidenced to be one antecedent of constructive controversy. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of deep-level diversity (agreeableness) on constructive controversy. Hypotheses were tested by doing a survey in 60 customer service teams. Hierarchical regression analysis revealed that besides the effect of cooperative goal, team members' agreeableness diversity had a supplementary effect on constructive controversy, and it would be more likely to result in constructive controversy when team agreeableness level is higher than when it is low.

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Abstract of presentation is also published in "International Journal of Psychology", 43(3/4), 228.



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Zhen, W., Tjosvold, D., & Shi, K. (2008, July). The antecedents of constructive controversy: Beyond cooperative goal. Paper presented at the 29th International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany.

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