经典形成的跨文化研究 : 世纪末比较文学的走向


Ersu DINGFollow

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The study of canon formation from a cross-cultural perspective : a new trend in comparative literature

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比较文学, 第三世界, 学科, 欧美国家, 国别文学, 立场, 比较学, 三个世界理论, 文学经典


The last few years have seen an exploslon of interest in the state of comparative literature in North America which can be interpreted as an indlcatlon of a paradigmatlc shift taking place within the discipline. This sudden burst of interest is largely a response to The Bernheimer Report on the State of the Discipline drafted by a group of distinguished comparatists. ln that report, the research cornmittee suggest, that comparative literature should begin to focus more on broader cultural issues and "play an active role in furthering the multicultural recontextualization of Anglo - American and European perspectives." To the present author,the suggestion is an important recognition on the part of our western colleagues of the inevitably ideoIogical nature of comparative literature as a social praxis. We all know that there are more texts that are designed by their creators to be literature than there are works that are actually chosen by critics to become the so - called canon. This means that whichever theory one claims to espouse, he or she still cannot escape the ultimate issue of critical interpretation and evaluation. Even when textual critics claim to be politically neutral by concentrating on the intrinsic features of literature, they are factually reveal1ng their ldeolog1cal bias by studying only a certain group of works instead of others that critics of different theoretical persuasions might choose to examlne.The classical canon can be and have actually been, challenged by cultural critics from many sides. If world literature aims at being acceptable to peoples of different cultural backgrounds, it has to be constantly reformed in accordance with thechanging needs of the entire humankind.

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丁尔苏 (1996)。经典形成的跨文化研究 : 世纪末比较文学的走向 = The study of canon formation from a cross-cultural perspective: A new trend in comparative literature。 《中国比较文学 = Comparative Literature in China》,1996(03),23-34。

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