Introduction : the quest for regional hub status and transnationalization of higher education : challenges for managing human capital in East Asia

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Internationalization of Higher Education in East Asia: Trends of Student Mobility and Impact on Education Governance

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Aspiring to become globally competitive and with strong intentions to position themselves favorably in the global university league tables, governments in Asia have tried either to quest for regional education hubs or engage in developing transnational higher education to create more opportunities for meeting their citizens’ pressing demand for higher education. Attempting to transform the university sector to become globally competitive, many Asian governments make serious efforts to benchmark with leading universities in Europe, North America and Australia for enhancing their global competitiveness. Realizing the importance of higher education and the potential of the education market, not only for generating additional national incomes but also for asserting ^soft power' in a highly competitive world, the governments of Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore have put in serious efforts questing for regional education hub status, while China has tried to engage overseas partners to diversify transnational higher education programs catering for citizens, pressing education demand. This chapter critically examines what major strategies these Asian countries/societies have adopted to enhance their national competitiveness in the increasingly globalizing world.

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Mok, K. H., & Yu, K. M. (2014). Introduction: The quest for regional hub status and transnationalization of higher education: Challenges for managing human capital in East Asia. In K. H. Mok & K. M. Yu (Eds.), Internationalization of higher education in East Asia (pp.1-26). New York: Routledge.

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