Pui Chuen TAM

Date of Award


Degree Type

UG Dissertation

First Advisor

Dr. Yeung Wai Lan, Victoria


Based on Ferguson, Farrell, & Lawrence (2008)’s study on persuasive messages promoting blood donation, this study has identified a characteristic of persuasive message that could influence Chinese participants’ behavioral intention to donate blood. Participants (N = 66) were randomly assigned to read one of the four messages with different focuses and framings. They then indicated their behavioral intention to donate blood after reading the messages. Two-way ANCOVA, with self-efficacy as covariate indicated that respondents after reading altruistic messages reported a higher intention to donate blood than those who read egoistic messages. Moreover, it is also revealed that within people with high interdependent self, those who read altruistic messages indicated a higher level of intention to donate blood than those who read egoistic messages. While findings may have implication in persuasive communication, it enriched the understanding of persuasive messages within a Chinese context.


Per advice from Faculty of Social Sciences Office, the publication date of this thesis should be 2016. (original date printed on thesis is 2015).

Recommended Citation

Tam, P. C. (2016). Types of persuasive message promoting blood donation in Hong Kong (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from