Date of Award


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UG Dissertation

First Advisor

Professor WEI, Xiangdong


Previous studies have established that children from richer family backgrounds are generally observed to have higher educational outcomes than other youth. However, the mechanism through which household income affects the child’s outcomes remains unclear. Meanwhile, other studies point out that parental education and the peer effects also have influences on children’s achievement. This paper estimates the effects of parental human education, family income and peer group on children’s education performance using a data of about 300 students from primary and high schools in China which includes extensive background information at the student, parents and friend level. The research finds that the effect of parental education and family income is slight on children’s academic results, while the peer effect is discovered to be significantly associated with students’ academic outcomes. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between mother caring and children’s academic achievement.

Recommended Citation

Zhang, C. (2011). Parental edation, family income, and peer group on children's academic performance in China (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from