Ka Wai TAM

Date of Award


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TPG Capstone Project (Taught Postgraduate Project)


Sociology and Social Policy


Prof. Gizem ARAT


This research study aims to explore and compare the ageing policy between Hong Kong and Singapore. Population ageing itself is a dynamic process. The ageing of the population is caused by three reasons: the decline in the level of fertility, the decline in the death rate and the continuous extension of the average life expectancy of the population. It is an inevitable demographic phenomenon. However, under the globalization effect, although the world is getting more connected in the last few decades, all developed and developing countries are facing the same problem which is the ageing population. There are a lot of statistics showing Hong Kong and Singapore are the most rapidly ageing countries in Asia at the same time. With the growth of the economy and the improvement of productivity, the age structure of the population is gradually ageing. At the same time, population as the main body and endogenous variable of social and economic development, its own structural changes will inevitably have a significant impact on social economic development. In this report, the main objective of this research project is to examine how Hong Kong and Singapore’s governments deal with the ageing population problems and consequences.



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Tam, K. W. (2021). Comparison of ageing policy between Hong Kong and Singapore (TPG Capstone Project, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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Gerontology Commons