Yanyao YANG

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TPG Capstone Project (Taught Postgraduate Project)


Sociology and Social Policy


Prof. SHANG Liang, Echo


In recent years, horizontal ecological compensation in the Yangtze River basin is a new policy for protecting the ecology. But it still has shortcomings in policy implementation. In contrast, Germany, which reached an ecological compensation agreement with the Czech Republic on the Elbe River as early as the 1990s, is a worthy reference object for China. Therefore, this study systematically reviews the literature on horizontal ecological compensation in China and abroad. It finds that the relevant literature on ecological compensation policies lacks composite research using research methods that combine qualitative and quantitative analysis. So, this study uses social network analysis and content analysis to analyze the ecological compensation policies of the Yangtze River basin in China and the Elbe River in Germany in a three-dimensional comparison of "policy objectives - policy instruments - policy implementers. Through the comparison, this study finds that the horizontal ecological compensation in the Yangtze River basin in China has a single source of funding, a single compensation model, and a lack of market-oriented and diversified compensation models. Because of these problems, this study proposes to improve China's ecological compensation mechanism policy by realizing ecological industrialization, deepening sectoral cooperation, and strengthening ecological compensation. And it will be an important guideline to realize the organic combination of ecological protection of the Yangtze River and its economic development of the watershed.



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Yang, Y. (2023). Cross-watershed horizontal ecological compensation system: Comparative examples from China and Germany (TPG Capstone Project, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from

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