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Prof. Ming K. Chan, who was the Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Hong Kong, co-authored with Prof. Arif Dirlik, Professor of History at Duke University, for Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang, and the National Labor University in Shanghai, 1927-1932, a 399-paged scholarly monograph published by Duke University Press in 1991.

Within Prof. Ming K. Chan's research collection, a substantial part of the records are the reference materials used during the research and publication process of this book.

This exhibit shows Prof. Chow Tse-tsung's calligraphy for the Chinese title translation of the book Schools into Fields and Factories. Prof. Chan acknowledged Prof. Chow and included Chow's calligraphy in the book.

陳明銶教授與杜克大學歷史系德利克教授合著《國立勞動大學 (1927-1932) : 無政府主義與近代中國教育革命嘗試》,全書共399頁,由杜克大學出版社於1991年出版。陳明銶教授的研究檔案中,保存了大量寫作此書時用過的參考資料及相關通訊紀錄。

此展品為周策縱教授為 Schools into Fields and Factories 親題的中文書名直幅題簽原稿。書作 Schools into Fields and Factories 內附周教授的直幅題簽,並提及其對周教授親題的致謝。