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Indexes were created to facilitate the discovery of labour union-related newspaper clippings. Two sets of handwritten index cards (12.7 cm x 7.6 cm) are arranged by "newspapers" and "subjects related to labour union" respectively. Newspaper articles relevant to the subject matters would be recorded in individual card.

This exhibit includes four pieces of index cards, the upper left one is arranged by "newspapers", while the others are arranged by "subjects related to labour union".

索引與工運剪報資料配合使用,以助查閱報章內容。索引咭用12.7 cm x 7.6 cm目錄咭,按「報章來源」及「工運相關主題」分別製作兩組合共超過800張索引咭。目錄咭上紀錄了與特定主題相關的報章、出版日期及簡單說明。

此展品為索引咭的其中四個例子,左上起 : 按「報章來源」製作的索引咭 : 大中報 (1946-8-14)、按「工運相關主題」製作的索引咭 : 工團響應救助中國災難同胞運動 (華僑日報1946-3-15至1946-4-30)、的士改善待遇工潮 (星島日報1948-3-19至1948-9-4)、電車、電燈、電話、煤氣工潮 (華商報1947-8-27至1947-9-4)。