The Sounds of the Tang Poetry : Transcultural performance : From Kuyin to Yinsong : Constructing and reciting regulated verse

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This podcast you are listening to is the soundtrack of the 6th episode of HOW TO READ CHINESE POETRY VIDEOS.

In Professor Stalling’s second episode, we return to the Tang and Song “rhyme studies” tradition, but this time he invites our listeners to become “zhiyin” (those who study and understand sound) themselves by taking us step by step through the process of not only composing a regulated jueju in English, but also how all of the tonal prosody, semantic rhythm, and parallelism rules discussed in previous episodes come together to inform distinctive ways of reciting and chanting regulated verse both in modern Chinese and English.

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Episode 41



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Stalling, J., & Cai, Z. (2022, Nov 22). The Sounds of the Tang Poetry: Transcultural performance: From Kuyin to Yinsong: Constructing and reciting regulated verse [41]. In How to read Chinese poetry podcast. Hong Kong: Lingnan University. Retrieved from