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This episode concludes our exploration of Six Dynasties landscape poetry by considering the verse of Xie Tiao (464–499). By Xie Tiao’s time, landscape was becoming an increasingly common topic within the world of courtly verse. Partly for this reason, Xie’s poetry begins to efface the previously definitive distinction between the human world and the natural landscape, and moreover imbues that landscape with the passions of the courtier—in Xie’s case, both his yearning for the court and capital and his well-justified fear of the dangers of court politics.


Episode 25



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Bender, L. R., & Cai, Z. (2022, Jul 19). Pentasyllabic Shi Poetry: Landscape poetry: Xie Tiao: The integration of landscape [25]. In How to read Chinese poetry podcast. Hong Kong: Lingnan University. Retrieved from