Man Kei TSE

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Philosophy (MPHIL)


Social Sciences



First Advisor

Prof. LI Yau Wai Simon

Second Advisor

Prof. CHEUNG Yue Lok Francis


Anaesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) is an automated record keeping system that imports and stores patient’s vital signs information from a physiological monitor in real-time. However, only a handful of studies have examined the effect of automated record keeping system on anaesthetists’ cognitive performance. Therefore, the current thesis aims to evaluate AIMS in terms of anaesthetists’ attitude (Study 1) and its effect on their cognitive performance (Study 2). Study 1, a questionnaire study examined anaesthetists’ trust and acceptance of AIMS. Forty-two anaesthetists at Tuen Mun Hospital (TMH) and Po Oi hospitals (POH) have completed a self-reported questionnaire. Results found that anaesthetists generally adopted a positive attitude toward AIMS. They exhibited a high level of trust and acceptance of AIMS. Also, they perceived AIMS as highly useful and relevant to their job. Study 2, a simulation study compared AIMS with manual record keeping on anaesthetists’ vigilance, situation awareness (SA) and mental workload. 20 anaesthetists at TMH were randomly assigned to two conditions: (1) AIMS and (2) Manual. Each participant received a 45-minute scenario in a full-scale simulation. Participants were asked to take over a case of general anaesthesia and perform record keeping. Results showed that AIMS did not impair anaesthetists’ vigilance and SA. In addition, it reduced anaesthetists’ mental workload and enabled them to spend less time on record keeping task. The current thesis provides an evaluation of AIMS by using a human factors approach. It contributes to the understanding on the effect of AIMS on anaesthetist’ in terms of attitude and cognitive performance. Based on the evaluation, we generate some recommendation for designers and hospitals to address the limitation of AIMS in interface designs and to increase anaesthetists’ acceptance of AIMS.



Recommended Citation

Tse, M. K. (2018). Evaluation of an anaesthesia automated record keeping system: A human factors approach (Master's thesis, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from