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2014-2015 2nd cohort of Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Program

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Service-learning, civic engagement, social justice, service, participatory education


Background: Civic model and social justice model of service-learning has been emerging in the US. It is believed that civic engagement and social justice can be promoted with the use of service-learnning as a pedagogy. This research investigates if service-learning programme at Lingnan University can promote civic engagement and provoking students’ thinking in a socially just way.

Method: 7 students is the sample, of which 2 being not having previous service-learning experience. The sample is obtained through purposive and snowball sampling technique. In-depth interviews are conducted to gather data in informants’ own words.

Result: Experiential Service-Learning and Participatory Service-Learning allows student to identify the root cause of social problem resulted from social injustice, with the latter being an opportunity to let students to see oneself as change agent.

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Cheung, M. L. M. (2015). ‘Post service learning’: Civic engagement, social justice and beyond? (Research Report from 2014-2015 Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Program). Hong Kong: Lingnan University.