Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Program
Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Program is designed as an entry-level experience, particularly suited to lower-division students engaged in their own original community-based research project. Students are exposed to real-world research, which will encourage them to become interested in future postgraduate studies. Increased exposure to the world of research under the guidance of faculty supervisors encourages undergraduates to become producers, not just consumers of knowledge. This program is significant as it addresses the low proportion of Lingnan undergraduates pursuing their education to the master or doctorate level.
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2014-2015 2nd cohort of Young Scholars' Community-Based Research Programs


‘Post service learning’ : civic engagement, social justice and beyond?, Man Lai, Manni CHEUNG

How parents' and hearing peers' involvement motivate young hearing impairers to participate in auditory intervention programs?, Fu Ming, Alex CHOW

被遺忘的九担租, 香港鄉村歷史研究 = Forgotten Kau Tam Tso, a study of rural history in Hong Kong, Yuen Sing, Sirius LEE

Social media and networking : implications to social enterprises in Hong Kong, Wing Lam, Felix TSE