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I have known Mdm X for over twenty years. We knew each other when we worked in a library in Lok Fu Estate as volunteers. The voluntary service was related with helping in tutorial work and summer services as provided by the library. Mdm X is known to me as a very enthusiastic, helpful, accountable and mature person, who never declines to offer help whenever she has time and the ability to help. Her help is solid and wholehearted. She is now a teacher in a secondary school. Her childhood was spent in a resettlement estate, namely Wang Tau Hom Resettlement Estate, in the Kowloon Peninsular.

Her childhood is typical of the one in resettlement estate. She came from a family of many siblings, a total of 9 in all in hers. Her house was so congested and the basic provisions for living so primitive that I am of the opinion that the situation must have significant influence on her mentality development as well as socialization as she grew up. So, before the interview, I had a pre-meeting with her to discuss about my presumption and the kind of questions that I would like to put to her for answer. She was very kind because she also takes a very keen interest in my project and did a lot of preparation before coming for the recording on 20th February 2000.

I do have to say that during the interview, Mdm X demonstrated organization and precision in her disclosure of information and her answers to my questions. Her exposition far exceeds my expectation. We had also seen some of her childhood and teenage photographs before the interview. The photographs did help us to focus more sharply on the context of the interview.

On the whole, I have a strong feeling that the kind of hardship that Mdm X had gone through in her childhood has a profound positive influence on her mentality development and socialization. She had a warm and loving family, in which every family members maintain a tight link to each others, linkage of which being highly constructive and enduring in nature. Filial piety is also well established. The cause for all these morality development seemingly lies on successful family education which results in Mdm X an early development of goal pursuit in life. It was an enjoyment doing the interview because the happenings in her childhood and the mentality development so seen were highly cheering in nature.

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