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Chan Lung Kui, Danny


王錫邦 (Mr Wong)

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Mr Wong's home

Interview Summary

Mr Wong is comes from an ordinary family in China, but something difference is that Mr Wong reads a lot of book at his early age. He read book because his mother teach him when he was not understand all things. Because his mother studied a lot of book from her parents, this is very unique that a woman can study at his mother's century, something sorrowed in his father die when he is sever years old. So, he just live with his mother, grandmother and one elder sister, he said that his relationship between all his family members are very good. All concern with each other without many arguement, this also make him much influenced by his mother more than his father. Before his father die, his occupation is a doctor. Mr Wong also wishes to be a doctor when he was young, but when he grew up with experience the battle of Japanese, he change his wishes to be a soldier.

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