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So Suk Yin, Winne


Mr. Wong Chi Keung

Interview Summary

Mr. Wong Chi Keung was born in 1976. He came from China. In this interview, he talks with a great deal of feeling about his childhood life between China and Hong Kong. In China, he was quite rich and with a big house. He only helped his parents to feed the chicken and duck. Actually, he felt very happy and freedom in China because he can go anywhere to play with his friends. He talks of his early days at school, about the subjects he is interested, the experience of physical punishment from the teacher. Moreover, he talks about his unhappy experience to share with me. Nowadays, he is deeply remember that events. In this event, he takes a knife from pocket and stab to his friends’ face. His friend has a scar on his face. He felt very unhappy, to regret and be conscience-stricken to his friend.

In 1985, his mother and he had successfully moved to Hong Kong. He thought that his childhood life would be started to change. In Hong Kong, he is so pity! He lived in below one hundred square feet room. He talks of his early days at school, about the experience we had at Sun Wui Ku-Cheng Native’s Association Tat Sin Primary School and TWGHs Mrs. Wu York Yu Memorial College, everyday life at home etc. He also talks about the relationship with his parents. In fact, he hates his father very much because his father dislikes him and takes a serious punishment to him at any time. Therefore, he is very lonely, passive and difficult to express his feeling to others.

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