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Wong Sau Lin


Cheung Ka Ling

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Ling's home

Interview Summary

I write this summary after the interview, now I would like to highlight some interesting aspects of the interview.

Ling is twenty-three years old. She has two younger brothers. They have a close relationship with each other. She was born in China. Her mother has immigrated to Hong Kong when she was two years old. Then she also immigrated to Hong Kong when she was nine years old. In China, her grandparent looked after her. They were farmers; she likes to talk with them. She thinks that they affect her view of life. She learns positive, optimistic and hard work from them. When she was young, sometimes she missed her parent because she can't live with them. That's why when she come to Hong Kong, she love and respect to her parent.

She point out aht when she was young, her mother was a housewife as she needed to look after her younger brothers and his father was a factory worker, therefore, the economic condition was not good of her family. So, her parent couldn't satisfy her material desires. But she never made any grievances on them because she knew their parent's difficulties. In fact, she graduated in Form Five, then tried to find job to share the burden with her parent.

She also shares happy and bitter experience to me. Bitter experience is that she lived in hospital for two weeks when she was fourteen years old. The reason was that she needed to do surgery to cut the tumour which growth on her hip. She never forgets the painful after the operation. She also felt love and concern from her parents during the period of the hospital. On the other hand, happy experience happened in temporary housing. She has learned many skills such as leadership, creativity and communication when she was a voluntary in YMCA. More importantly, she can help the needy. Also, she met a lot of friends when she lived in temporary hosing, they teach her to do homework. Up to know, they can keep good and close relationship with each other. No matter how the friends treating her, her family is the most important for her in the world.

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Wong, S. L. N. (2000,March 12). Interview by Wong Sau Lin Natalie [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from