Ho Sin, Jack LI

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Lingnan College Library at Conference Room

Interview Summary

Charles comes from a nuclear family. Father, mother and a little brother. They have a close relationship with each other, although Charles more likely to talk with mother rather than father. Their family shows some typical events that many families also have it. For example, the father and the eldest son made the final decision in tackle the problems. The mother does the household tasks and take care the kids. The kids more like their mother than father. Charles talked three special events which stick in his mind. Most of the people did not remember what they did in pre-school life. They were told by their parents. That was same to Charles’s situation. He had his best friends in different period when they meet. He has a good teacher who let him to study the Science subject. No matter how the friends and teachers treating Charles, his family is the best and the most important persons in the world.

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Li, H. S. J. (1999,April 22). Interview by Li Ho Sin [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from