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Mr Stanley Kwok

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Mr Stanley Kwok is twenty-three years old and he is studying in the technical college. He has three elder sisters and one younger brother. He lives in Kwai Fong Estate with his household. His family moved once but they still lives in the same estate. His father lost his job in the year that Stanley was born due to the insurrection in that year and the instable sitaution of Hong Kong. Although his father found another job in a few months later, the economic situation of his family is not good. He talks of the pictures that were taken when did favor for his teachers in the kindergarten. He also talks with much feeling about his family home. His family was a traditional Chinese family. He father is the breadwinner. His mother is a housewife and she did all housework and took care his sisters, his brother and him. Now, his sister and his mother did the housework. He and his brother need not to do any housework because of the sexual discrimination. Moreover, he could eat chicken legs but his sisters could not. His parents loved him so much that they bought toys for him, although they didn't have much money. Besides, his father would punish his household when his father was angry. He fought with his father and he dislikes his father according this unfairness punishment. He talks of the differences between kindergarten and the primrary school that he attended. Firstly, my school bag was much more heavier. Next, I had to study many subjects. Lastly, I should weat uniform when I studied in primary school. He also talks about his parents's advice for him to choose the college. The advice is useful for his future. His first memory is that he had barbecue with his family member and his uncle. He memorizes that because this is the first time of tasting chicken wings. He likes to eat chicken wings from that time.

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