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Choi Pik Wah, Zoe


Mrs. Choi

Interview Summary

In fact, the interviewee (Mrs. Choi) of my interview is my mother. She has become a superwoman in my mind after the interview. Although she grew in a poor family and she was uneducated, she treats her life positively. This is a wonderful chance for me to understand her history.

In the interview, Mrs. Choi always keeps smile to answer my questions. She and I do enjoy the interview. She talks with a great deal of feeling about her family. She has never been educated because she is a girl. She understands the importance of education, so the most unpleasant thing in her life was lacking of education.

Through the interview, Mrs. Choi share many aspects of her childhood including family background, worklife, education, games, the relationship among family members... etc.

The most interesting part of the interview is her worklife. She kept a tough mind even when she was still a little girl. I really can't imagine how a aged 5 girl was responsible to look after a baby. And a eleven years old girl left home a year to work outside. I greatly surprise that she has not blamed on her parents. When the end of the interview, she told me her miserable childhood was passed by keeping a mind of "making happiness out of bitterness". At that time, I started to admire my great mother.

Mum, I'm proud of you!

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Choi, P. W. Z. (2000,March 23). Interview by Choi Pik Wah Zoe [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from