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Kwok Suk Yee (Kathy)


Wong Sau Wai (Ma Me)

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Wong Sau Wai (Ma Me) was born in 1947, two years after the World War Two and the Japanese Occupation. At that time, million illegal immigrants went to Hong Kong in order to escape from the Cultural Revolution in China. The population explosion resulted in many social problems, especially housing shortage, lack of schools, and economic recession. Affected by the housing shortage problem, Ma Me could only live on a bed with her mother and her sister when she was ten years old. Besides, she had to abandon her study, for she had a responsibility to earn a living for her family. Together with the lower income level, she faced many obstacles at her working places. And so, she had a harsh time in her childhood.

Although all the elements in the tape are valuable, I cannot include all of them into my transcription and translation. Therefore, based on the style of the books 'Asia American Experiences in the United States' I have chosen two areas, 'study' and 'work', from the interview. In order to make the transcription and translation more meaningful, I will compare Ma Me's experience of these two areas, as to depict how harsh when she has to choose between study and work.

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Kwok, S. Y. K. (2000,February 26). Interview by Kwok Suk Yee Kathy [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from