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Law Ho Man


Mr. Law Siu Bo

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Mr Law is 51 years old who was born in Guangdong Zhuhoi in 1949's, just after WWII. He lived and studied in Zhuhoi until 23 years old. He immigrated to Hong Kong at 23 years old illegally.

According to his family, they were not rich but their relationship was very good. He has parents, eleven brothers and sister. However, all his brothers had dead and lost during WWII, expect his elder sister and his 6th elder brother. His elder sister and his brother always took care his family. Although they were not living together, they loved each other and had a good relationship.

Talking about his studies, he had gone to school at 9 years old. Until the Civil Revolution, he needed to take part in the revolution, so he stopped to go to school. He was F.1 at that time.

In conclusion, he thinks that there had a lot of difference between the childhood of his children and his childhood. He thinks that the changing of environment is an important reason. It makes the attitude of his children towards him is totally difference from his childhood.

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