Date of Interview



Ms. Lee Wing Wai


Mr. Lee Hon Yip

Interview Location

[Dining room at interviewee's home]

Interview Summary

The interviewee is my father, we did the interview in a quite corner at home. My father is a traditional person. He talks very little in usual time. So I don't know much of him before. After the interview, I can know him much more than before.

In this interview, my father told me a lot of things about his childhood. The most interesting thing is that his elder sister was given to other because the family has no ability to foster her. It is unbelievable.

Then, the thing that threatens my father most is the coming of typhoon. My father lived in a two-story wooden hut; it was so simple and weak. When the typhoon signal was hanged. All the family members could not sleep over night because they were afraid of the hut will be destroyed by the strong wind. If the hut was really destroyed when they were sleeping, they may all die in dream. So my dad still has a clear impression of that terrible scene.

In my father childhood, he had not much entertainment because he had no money to spend on it. He likes making some toys for himself like flying kits and collecting insects. Most of his time was spent on doing housework and caring his little sister and little brother. He will be punished by his dad and mum if he cannot finish the housework.

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Lee, W. W. L. (2000,April 3). Interview by Lee Wing Wai Loretta [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from