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Leung Siu Man Wendy


Mr. Lam

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Mr. Lam's office

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Mr. Lam came from an old family and talked with a great deal of feeling about this childhood. He divided his childhood into two parts. Before he was 12 years old, he lived with his father and his kai grandmother (his father's boss). He explained the main reason why his parents didn't live together was due to their bad feeling. Since he was spoiled by his grandmother, Mr. Lam's temper was quite bad in the early life of his childhood. He liked to fight with other children, for this reason, he often suffered physical punishment by his parents and his teachers. But after he was 12 years old, he experienced a different kind of life. Because his grandmother lost a lot of money in gambling and her business became worse, in order to pay the debt for her, his parents used up all of their savings. They had to move a wooden house to live in. In the interview, he talked a lot about the bad living circumstance. Due to financial difficulties, he needed to do the part-time job to pay his tuition fee. As a result, he realized the importance of the money from the hard life and began to study diligently. From the books, he learned a lot of things and changed his had habits. Thus, Mr. Lam thinks his childhood effected on his present life. After going through hardship and tribulations, he became steadfast and preserving in face of difficulties.

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Leung, S. M. W. (2000,March 10). Interview by Leung Siu Man Wendy [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from