Date of Award


Degree Type

UG Dissertation



First Advisor

Dr. Yu Zi-you


In China, food industry brings huge profit in every year, but the microwave food industry still faces the problem of underdevelopment. To explore the extent of the potential market of microwave food, a research on it can be contributed. However, there are rare similar researches on the circumstances of microwave food in China, so it is valuable to design a research project which particularly focuses on the mainland conditions of microwave food. Shanghai is one of the most desirable places among the major mainland cities. Thus, its market of microwave food can perform as a model for other cities to develop a wider and sustainable expansion in the entire mainland market.

To study the microwave food’s market in China, we will gather and analyze the information about the trend of microwave food and the effect of demographic and sociocultural factors on the growth of microwave food in Shanghai from primary and secondary sources. For the primary source, a survey was conducted and 150 samples were collected. We try to analyze our research hypotheses through the survey and useful data was collected. Besides, the secondary information was also collected through the Internet, books, journals, etc. With the information, we will analyze the circumstances of mainland food market, describe the environment factors in Shanghai and its current status of food market, and use the case study to predict the growing phenomenon of microwave food in China.

We hope that this research can contribute in creating a favorable environment of microwave food market for the future and designing an appropriate strategy to implement into the microwave food industry. Besides, the potential for microwave ready meals in this convenience-led society is a huge opportunity for manufacturers. Consequently, they can gain an appreciable return through the development of microwave food in China. As an effectual marketing strategy should be designed for a specific company, we choose the famous frozen food company in Hong Kong, Tao Fa, Amoy. We take it as an example and suggest the marketing plan for its development of microwave food in China.

Recommended Citation

Ho, S. T., & Ho, W. Y. (2004). How large is the potential market of microwave food in China? (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from