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This study reports learning from a professional development (PD) session and classroom action research from an English class conducted in the mountainous northern part of Pakistan. The researcher got training from Professional Development Centre North (PDCN) as a member of the Quality Assurance Team and then conducted a five-day workshop for teachers on various general teaching techniques, lesson planning, writing reflections/portfolios and classroom management. After the sessions, the teachers applied these knowledge and skills in their respective classes, and English teachers did action research with the researcher to improve the language skills of grade 7 students for three cycles. Pre- and post-intervention tests, teachers’ reflective diaries, lesson plans, portfolio books and discussions with teachers were sources of data collection. The present study shows that there is a thirst amongst teachers for professional grooming. Also, students gradually benefit from new teaching techniques. This study suggests including various PD models in the school development plan to improve teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge, which will result in improved learning outcomes for students. The sustainability of these initiatives is a challenge due to the lack of proper mechanisms and policies in the government schools of Gilgit-Baltistan. Therefore, there is a need for a school policy for English teachers’ PD at the classroom level to improve teaching practices and students’ learning.


Professional development of teachers, English teaching, Action research, Hands-on and minds-on activities




IPS Working Paper No.2



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Khan, A. W. (2021). From training to improving classroom practices: Learning from school improvement program intervention in a mountainous public secondary school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. (IPS Working Paper Series No.2). Hong Kong: Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University. doi: 10.14793/ipswp2021002