Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Working Paper Series

Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) Working Paper Series aims to provide a platform to faculty staff, doctoral students, and researchers at and outside Lingnan University to publish their in-progress works related to policy studies to bring about the discussion and contribute to the advancement of the research areas. IPS Working Paper Series also provides the opportunity to Lingnan research- and taught-postgraduate students to publish their theses (in an abridged version) or capstone project reports.

Under this series, the Frontier column is created to provide a platform for faculty staff, doctoral students, and researchers to share the latest research findings of their recent publications. The Frontier column also aims to help the authors promote their publications. The manuscript will summarize the key findings of the published work within 1,000 words, and readers will be re-directed to the original publication if they are interested in further reading the article or book.

The working papers will be published with open access on the website of the Institute of Policy Studies, Lingnan University. With the consent from the author(s), a webinar may be scheduled based on the working paper contents as a part of the IPS Webinar Series to share the research with broader audiences.



Submissions from 2021


From training to improving classroom practices: Learning from school improvement program intervention in a mountainous public secondary school in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, Abdul Wali KHAN


Does China engage in debt-trap diplomacy?, Shalendra SHARMA and Xiangge LIN