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Dr Fok Wing-huen 霍穎壎博士

Dr Fok Wing-huen is a highly experienced civil engineer and project manager with a remarkable 42-year career in civil and structural engineering. He has been involved in numerous large-scale infrastructure and construction projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Singapore. His exceptional expertise and skills guarantee the timely and high-quality completion of projects, leading to profound contributions to the development and construction of diverse areas throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Dedicated to the advancement of the engineering industry, Dr Fok has been active in the training of engineering graduates by serving as a planner and executor of training policies. He himself is also a lifelong learner and has pursued multiple postgraduate degrees in different disciplines. A dedicated scholar-practitioner, he does not only channel industry insights into universities, but also translates fresh research findings into industrial applications.

Dr Fok has also contributed substantially to the community service, especially in the youth services. In addition to his long involvement in the Rotary Club activities, he has served Lingnan University as a member of its Council and Court from 2017 to 2022, during which he has driven substantial progress in the development and management of Lingnan University.

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Dr Fok Wing-huen 霍穎壎博士