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 Mr Chong Shing-hum, BBS 莊成鑫先生, BBS

Mr Chong Shing-hum is a visionary entrepreneur, starting off with woolen sweaters making. Since he established Wah Gar Group in 1986, he has continued to enlarge his business scope, from garment processing, dyeing, knitting, scouring and spinning to frozen food packaging , waterworks and sewage treatment, with factories spanning across the Mainland.

But he was not done yet. Mr Chong has been in the toy industry since 2014. Translating his insight into imagination, creativity and innovation, Mr Chong made equally remarkable accomplishment in the toy industry. The huge success of The finely crafted 1:12 scale Batman - The Dark Knight Radio-Controlled Tumblers made the Soap Studio Company Limited he founded a pioneer in radio-controlled vehicle. Consequently, Soap Studio has made a mark in the entire toy industry with its profound influence.

Mr Chong is also enthusiastic in social welfare in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and dedicated his time and energy to giving back to society. Through driving the development of the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Federation, China, Mr Chong has taken young talents to international competitions, and raised public awareness of the sport.

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Mr Chong Shing-hum, BBS 莊成鑫先生, BBS