Lingnan University (LU) conferred Honorary Fellowships upon four distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their professions and their valuable contributions to the society.

The Honorary Fellowship recipients are: Kung Fu master Mr Ip Chun(葉準), arts advocator Mr David Pong Chun-yee, JP(龐俊怡, JP), IT pioneer Dr Winnie Tang Shuk-ming, JP(鄧淑明, JP), and music virtuoso Mr Jaap Van ZWEDEN, SBS(梵志登, SBS).

Honorary Fellows

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Mr IP Chun 葉準先生

Mr David PONG Chun-yee, JP 龐俊怡先生, JP

Dr Winnie TANG Shuk-ming, JP 鄧淑明博士, JP

Mr Jaap Van ZWEDEN, SBS 梵志登先生, SBS