Year of Award



Former Commissioner of Police Mr Lee Ming-kwai has been the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Institute for Public Administration since he retired. He also lectures on topics ranging from Chinese and international history and public administration to cultural conservation.

Having graduated with a Major in History and determined to learn from the past, Mr Lee enrolled in the Hong Kong Police Force during the anti-corruption campaign and helped to uproot corruption and rewrote the history of the Force.

It was Mr Lee who planned the security for the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong in 2005, when demonstrations staged by Korean farmers were subdued with minimal force in an operation which has become a model of police restraint in dealing with protests.

Mr Lee’s long-term dedication to creating a safe and orderly living environment for Hong Kongers has made him a role model for the city’s civic leaders, and the HKSAR Government has awarded him a Gold Bauhinia Star.



Mr Lee Ming-kwai, GBS 李明逵先生, GBS