Year of Award



Miss Chan Yuen-ting is the first ever female coach to have led a professional men’s soccer team to win a top-flight championship anywhere in the world – an achievement which has earned her recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records. Under her leadership, Eastern Sports Club won the Hong Kong Premier League championship and Senior Challenge Shield titles in 2016, when Miss Chan was 27 years old. For her achievements, Miss Chan was named the Asian Football Confederation’s Women’s Coach of the Year. She was also honoured by BBC 100 Women as one of the world’s 100 most influential and inspirational women of the year 2016. She continues to equip herself with professional training, in sports medicine and in coaching. Recently she has stepped down from her role as chief coach to focus on her study on the Asian Football Confederation’s Professional Coaching Diploma, the highest level of coach education. Miss Chan’s passion for soccer, her belief in herself, and her positive attitude are what enabled her to go “against all odds” to reach where she is today.



Miss Chan Yuen-ting 陳婉婷小姐