Year of Award



Mr Chris Yeung is a founder of Silver Lining Foundation. The contribution of him and his wife towards the impoverished, the disabled and the disadvantaged has created a legend in charity work.

In 1998, Mr Yeung emigrated to the US with his family and became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in Silicon Valley and worked in the field of computer technology. In 2005, Mr Yeung gave up his comfortable, secure life and moved his family to Nanning, Guangxi in Mainland China to launch his charity work. In 2007, he established the Silver Lining Foundation dedicated to helping poverty-stricken people in mountainous areas so as to improve the education and health of children there and provide them with daily necessities. The Silver Lining Workshop was also launched. In 2008, emergency medical funds were set up to provide timely treatment for children suffering from cerebral palsy and other disabilities. In 2009, Silver Lining Foundation was registered as a charity in Hong Kong. In 2011, Silver Lining Caring Centre, which provides a home for orphans, was opened. With his sincerity and love for mankind, Mr Yeung helps children and the destitute abandoned by society, hoping that their lives could be improved and their future changed.



Mr Chris Yeung Wai-kee 楊偉基先生