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Ms Gigi Tung Oi-lai is the founder of Bo Charity Foundation Limited, with the Food Angel Programme as its seminal project.

Founded in 2010, the Bo Charity Foundation started as a registered charitable organisation and in 2011, it started its first food rescue and food assistance initiative Food Angel with the aim of “Waste Not, Hunger Not”. The Food Angel Programme has been in effort to rescue edible surplus food from the local food industry, and recycle the rescued food items into nutritionally balanced hot meal boxes for people in need of food assistance across the communities under a strict set of food safety protocols. The programme distributes more than 6,000 meals every day, and helps rescue over 1,020 tons of food from going to the landfills every year. Meal boxes are distributed every day to NGOs and Community Centres, as well as the elderly poor, low income families, unemployed, and disabled people all over Hong Kong.



Ms Gigi Tung Oi-lai 董愛麗女士