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A law graduate of the University of Hong Kong who has studied theatre arts in Paris for six years, Mr Tang Shu-wing is an acclaimed theatre director, actor and drama educator. Since he returned to Hong Kong in 1992 with a Maltrise Diplôme in theatre studies from the New Sorbonne University (Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle), Mr Tang has been very active in theatre work. He has directed over 40 productions of drama, dance and opera, including Life and Death Trilogy (1997-2000), Between Life and Death (2002), Phaedra (2005), Hamlet (2006), Titus Andronicus (2008), Princess Changping (2009), King Arthur (2009), Rubik’s Cube and Its Aftermath (2010), Detention (2011) and Thunderstorm (2012). Mr Tang’s major professional awards include Distinguished Interpretative Performance in the Tashkent International Theatre Festival (1993), Best Actor in a Leading Role in the Hong Kong Drama Awards (2003), Best Director in the Hong Kong Drama Awards (2006, 2007 and 2011), and the Best Artist of the Year Award (Drama) of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2013)

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Mr Tang Shu-wing 鄧樹榮先生