Doctor of Humanities honoris causa 榮譽人文學博士

Year of Award



Ms Sylvia Chang Ai-chia is one of the most versatile, prolific and creative performing artists in the Chinese-speaking world. She was born in Taiwan, and at 17 she went into television and then the film industry, becoming one of the few performing arts stars in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Since the 1970s, Ms Chang has made a lot of best-selling music albums, appeared in over 100 films and a number of television and stage dramas, and won many awards. She has finished her first script in 1972 and made her film directing debut in 1981, and has now directed 16 films and written over 20 scripts. Her passion in creativity and performing arts, and courage to venture have brought her a unique successful path.

Ms Chang makes significant contributions to charity in Hong Kong and throughout the world. She has been working with the World Vision, and has visited to South Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America, to support people in need. She believes that everyone is responsible for taking care of others, and she sees films as a way for her to share her care, which is how warmth and mutual respect have become her specific creative style.



Ms Sylvia Chang Ai-chia 張艾嘉女士