Doctor of Laws honoris causa 榮譽法學博士

Year of Award



Mr Warren Chan Chee-hoi graduated from The University of Hong Kong with an LLB (Hons) in 1977 and a PCLL in 1978. He was called to the Hong Kong Bar in the same year, and to the Bar in England five years later. Subsequently, Mr Chan was also admitted to practice by the Supreme Court of Victoria (Australia), the Supreme Court of Singapore and the State of New York (USA). In 1994, he was further appointed Queen’s Counsel, renamed Senior Counsel in 1997. His distinguished practice has gained high repute over the years, and his earnest guidance of younger professionals has earned deep respect within the legal profession.

Mr Chan sees law as a matter for the populace rather than a privilege of the minority. He hopes to see more law firms move into grass roots districts, providing affordable legal services for the common people. He strongly believes that both Hong Kong and mainland China need to train more high-quality lawyers, and is very concerned about developments related to the rule of law and legal education in Hong Kong and China; he sees full establishment of the rule of law and enhancement of the quality of legal education as the biggest challenges in China’s move to modernization. Over the years, Mr Chan’s devotion to the enhancement of legal education in Hong Kong and China has made him an exemplary professional widely praised by the legal community. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by The University of Hong Kong in 2004, and by The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013.

Mr Chan was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa by Lingnan University.



Mr Warren Chan Chee-hoi, QC, SC 陳志海資深大律師