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Hong Kong children from Primary 4 to Secondary 3 were happier in 2013 with their happiness index standing at 7.23, evidently higher than 6.91 in 2012, according to results of the latest survey conducted by the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) of Lingnan University announced today.

However, the encouraging result was tempered by declines in the Insight and Fortitude scores, two of the four key determinants of happiness, namely Love, Insight, Fortitude and Engagement (LIFE). In 2013, Hong Kong children’s Insight score fell to 6.19 from 6.37 in 2012, while Fortitude dropped to 6.64 from 7.10 during the same period.

“The decline in Fortitude is rather significant and thus warrants attention. Fortitude, an alternative name for resilience, is conceptually related to Insight because we expect wiser people to be more resilient,” said Prof Ho Lok-sang, Director of CPPS. “Insight does not mean intelligence, but rather attitudes about life, including a sense of balance, an ability not to keep comparing with others and instead focusing on doing one’s best, and the ability to learn from mistakes etc.”

Commissioned by the Hong Kong Early Childhood Development Research Foundation, this survey has collected a total of 1,119 student questionnaires (377 primary and 742 secondary) and 1,060 parent questionnaires (361 primary and 699 secondary) from eight primary schools and 12 secondary schools across Hong Kong from September to October 2013. The Public Governance Programme of Lingnan University offered assistance in conducting the survey.

嶺南大學公共政策研究中心今天公布的最新調查結果顯示,2013年香港小四至中三的學童較前年快樂,快樂指數錄得7.23,比2012年的6.91明顯上升。 然而這項令人鼓舞的結果,受到快樂指數的四大因素「關愛」、「智慧」、「堅毅」、「行動」(合稱LIFE)之中的「智慧」及「堅毅」分數下跌所影響。2013年香港學童的「智慧」分數為6.19,較2012年的6.37有所下跌;而「堅毅」亦從7.10跌至6.64。 公共政策研究中心主任何濼生教授表示:「堅毅分數跌幅頗大,值得關注。所謂『堅毅』,是指面對逆境的能力,概念上與『智慧』有關,因為有智慧的人懂得如何更積極地面對逆境。至於何謂『智慧』,我們並不是詢問受訪者的智力程度,而是他們對生命的態度,例如是否懂得生活平衡、能否專心做好自己、不與他人攀比;能否從錯誤中汲取教訓等。」 是項調查由香港嬰幼兒發展研究基金會委託,我們於2013年9月至10月期間,收到全港八間小學、12間中學合共1,119名學生(377名小學生、742名中學生)及1,060名家長(361名小學生家長、699名中學生家長)交回的問卷。嶺南大學公共管治研究部協助進行是項調查。

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