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According to the survey, Hong Kong people in 2009 apparently are happier than they were in the previous year, with the overall happiness index rose to 70.6 in 2009, up from 69.3 in 2008. This is the second year in a row marked by a rise in the Lingnan Happiness Index.

The survey was conducted by CPPS from 9-13 November 2009 via randomized phone calls, and sponsored by the University’s Economics Department Master of Science in International Banking and Finance Programme. The research team successfully interviewed 828 Hong Kong residents aged 21 or above. On a scale of 0 to 100, an index above 50 suggests that people are happy and an index below 50 indicating unhappiness.

嶺南大學(嶺大) 公共政策研究中心 (研究中心)今日公布「香港快樂指數2009」調查報告。結果顯示快樂指數連續兩年錄得上升,對比上一年度,香港人在 2009 年表現得更快樂。整體快樂指數由 2008 年的 69.3 分上升至 2009 的 70.6 分。

是次調查由研究中心於 2009 年 11 月 9至13 日以電話隨機抽樣方式進行,並由嶺南大學經濟學系國際銀行與金融碩士課程贊助。研究中心成功訪問了 828 名年齡 21 歲或以上的香港居民。調查以零至 100 分作指標, 50 分以上表示「快樂」; 50 分以下表示「不快樂」。

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