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Editor's Note

The Lingnan Literary Journal itself, the book you have now in your hands, is a work of Lingnan University students. That which we write and leave behind is how we communicate with the future, and it is in this way that the students of Lingnan, here during the 2018-2019 academic year, will continue to have impact long after they have left the campus here in Tuen Mun, nestled against the foothills of Hong Kong’s mountains.

The work you see here is that of my own students, from either of my two classes, Arts, Creative Writing & Journalism, taught in the Fall and Spring of my time here, and Journalism Principles & Social Media, taught only in the Spring. Save for Mary Garcia who designed the covers, the editorial team came from my Fall class. There is also the writing and visual efforts of students I have never met in person, but which spoke to all of us. Others I met along the way at numerous events on campus, engaging them in conversation and asking them to submit their work. The team also recruited, through passive means like posters, and through setting up tables on campus. Still other constributions came from Professor Ingham’s class, gifting us with interesting intertextual work based on songs and poems, a favorite method of his for inspiring his students’ creativity. Mike’s deep desire to engage with his students, in and out of the classroom, was also something that inspired me to always try to give more and reach out to students across the spectrum at Lingnan. I believe through my efforts and the efforts of so many others, the journal as you see it now represents a broad range of Lingnan’s diverse student body, locals and exchange students alike.

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Bauhinia Rhapsody : the literary journal of Lingnan University 2018-2019