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Editor's Note

When I was at school, no career officer ever asked: Who wants to be a writer? There were no leaflets. No guidelines. I never even met another author who might point me in the rough direction, or even - standing far ahead of me on the bleak and windswept heath - give me footsteps within which to set my own.

And really, there is no blueprint. No secret path, or hidden door, no singular road less travelled. But there are many steps; and many of the first are faltering or hesitant and often embarrassing! But all steps, however faltering, lead somewhere, and the writing collected here reflect the many stages of a writer's life, with toddlers mixing in with old wanderers and wrinkled and published veterans. They are as diverse as a crowd of faces. What unites them is the quality of the writing.

In 200AD, the Chinese poet Lu Chi, author of The Art of Writing, wrote that ‘each writer finds a new entrance into the Mystery’. What is that mystery? Surely it is the experience of being human in a continually shifting and constant world: the essence of our desire to tell our stories.

Lu Chi also spoke of the joy of words - I might add ideas and images and emotions 一 being hooked up like fish, leaping from the deep. Some of the fishers collected here are new to the art, others a long way along the path. It is an honour to be able to bring this haul together.

Welcome, Dear Reader!

Come fishing... !

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Department of English, Lingnan University


Hong Kong


English Language and Literature



This collection owes its existence to a number of people whose hard work, generosity and talent has gone into the words and pages here.

I would especially like to thank Mike Ingham, who has been a tireless inspiration and aid. I would like to thank my editorial team: Connie Kung, Emma Zhang, Kyle Lipinski, Rebecca Hopkins, Sue Lee and Sofie Yuen for helping out in countlcss ways. Thanks also go to Professor Richard Freadman, for his help in funding the Writer in Residence programme, and also for his work with Life Writing, some of the fruits of which are contained with this anthology.

Wendy Mak has been a great help throughout my time as Writer in Residence.

Thanks also go to Professor Dai Fan, of Sun Yat Sen University, and her students, whose hard work is well represented here.

There are many others who have been of great help, and of course the Lingnan Foundation, who have generously supported the Writer in Residency and this publication.

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Déjà Vu  憶 ‧ 記 : a journal of creative writing (volume VII, 2010)