Date of Award


Degree Type

UG Dissertation (Restricted)



First Advisor

Professor Elizabeth Ho Hung Lam


In Japan, patriarchy is a dominant norm which affects people's lives. The novel My Year of Meats, written by Ruth L. Ozeki, a Japanese-American author, tells the story of how females in Japan deal with sexual inequality. She focuses on their common experiences as females, such as facing marital problems and reproductive difficulties. Ozeki is interested in the miseries and experiences of a Japanese housewife named Akiko, focusing on her abandonment of the job she liked for marriage, her helplessness in a situation of domestic violence, oppression from her superior Japanese husband and her rebellion against him. Yet, she never leaves her husband until the end of the book. In this independent research project, I would like to explore housewife feminism in more detail. I began with the research question; can Japanese women be feminists? If they can, how prevalent is housewife feminism in Japan, according to the story of Akiko? Has Ozeki explored possibilities for Japanese housewife feminism?

Recommended Citation

Tsoi, W. Y. W. (2014). Inspiration from my year of meats: Japanese housewife feminism and its reflection in manga (UG dissertation, Lingnan University, Hong Kong). Retrieved from