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This study adopts a two-wave design examining relationships between organizational climate and psychological distress among nurses in Hong Kong, and comparing levels of psychological distress and work pressure between general and psychiatric nurses, by drawing samples from acute and psychiatric hospitals in Hong Kong、using self-administered questionnaires. The samples include 144 nurses (74 general nurses, 70 psychiatric nurses; 47 males, 97 females) and 114 nurses (85 general nurses, 29 psychiatric nurses; 17 males, 97 females) in the respective first and second wave of study. Stepwise multiple regression analyses revealed that ‘immediate upper level’ was an important predictor of psychological distress in both the first wave and second wave of study. Further, psychiatric nurses perceived higher work pressure, had higher psychological distress and lower job satisfaction than general nurses.


CPPS Working Paper Series No.106 (9/00)

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Siu, O. L. (2000). A two-wave trend study of organizational climate and psychological distress among general and psychiatric nurses in Hong Kong (CPPS Working Paper Series No.106). Retrieved from Lingnan University website: