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This paper aims at establishing a possible theoretical model in analyzing poverty in Hong Kong. The paper begins with the review of various concepts and manifestations of poverty from western literature, and how these have translated into a variety of poverty policies in western societies. The central section of the paper discusses in detail the nature and extent of poverty in Hong Kong, its changing patterns and causes. This section also provide descriptions of past and present poverty alleviating policies in Hong Kong. The final section of the paper provides a analytical framework, drawing from European experiences, in terms of policy formulation and development that could be applied to the experiences from Hong Kong. The paper concludes that the European experience may provide some useful pointers for the wayt in which Hong Kong policy might develop in the future.


CPPS Working Paper Series No.80 (8/98)

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Lee, K. M. W., & Edwards, J. (1998). Poverty policy in Hong Kong: Western models and cultural divergence (CPPS Working Paper Series No.80). Retrieved from Lingnan University website: