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SEK210, 2/F, Simon & Eleanor Kwok Building


10:30 – 11:45

About the Seminar

Japan is one if the most technologically advanced nations, yet within it there are large and influential technology differences. This theoretical and empirical study is focused on answering the question of what factors are associated with these differences. This paper constructs through induction and reasoning a theoretical model based on 10 dependent factors and 12 independent ones. Based on the model, an empirical analysis identifies reasons for the nation's digital divide such as Japan's aged population, which has wide generational gaps that reflect very different cultural learning and familiarity with technology. Japan’s highly competitive educational system can lead to technology disparities among the student haves and have-nots.Innovative and higher income prefectures, which while the opposite is also present.

The research provides findings for the contemporary technology platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and IP phones. Methodologically, novel spatial analysis techniques are applied and found to deepen insights.

Results can serve to inform regional policies and to suggest broader educational programs, thrusts to help deprived rural areas, assistance to older people in learning technology concepts and skills, and initiatives it stimulate innovation in prefectures. Developing innovation centers can be a policy goal set by prefectures, relying less on the central government. This study demonstrates more needs to be done by Japan to bridge its internal information technology divide.

Speaker Biography

James B. Pick is Professor of Business at University of Redlands. He has been at the University since 1994 and has been Department Chair of Management and Business (1995-1999) and Faculty Assembly Chair in the school (2001-2004). His research areas are in management of information systems, GIS, urban studies and population. He is currently researching spatial technologies in business as well as ongoing studies of urban growth and planning.



Recommended Citation

Pick, J. (2012, September). Determinants of information technology utilization and expenditures within Japan. Academic seminar presented at Lamesnan University, Hong Kong.



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