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嶺南大學持續進修學院 (LIFE) 應用科學學部提供有關資訊科技及創意媒體的全日制高級文憑和文憑課程。課程已獲資歷架構認可,資歷級別分別為第四及第三級,具質素保證。這些課程為學生提供專業訓練,透過不同類型的軟件,讓他們掌握電腦科學的實用知識和技巧,例如網頁和手機程式設計、電腦動畫製作、多媒體製作等,助他們於進修路上打好穩固基礎,及在相關行業上一展所長。

學生的學習態度非常認真,而且具豐富創意,於專題研習上表現出色。為了跟大家分享學生的學習成果,我們誠意將他們的作品結集出版成書 ―《學生作品集》,展示他們多方面的潛能。

Division of Applied Science in Lingnan Institute of Further Education offers full-time Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes in the discipline of IT and Creative Media. The programmes are recognized as Level 4 and Level 3 respectively under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework in which the teaching quality remains at the highest standard. These programmes aim at providing high quality vocational education and practical knowledge and skills for students, such as website and mobile app design, production of computer animation and production of multimedia. We wish to further their studies and help pursue their careers in information technology industry.

Students are earnest in learning and they have superb creativity that they did very well on the projects. In order to share their fruitful achievements with others, we sincerely publish “Student Project Gallery” which contains students’ excellent works.



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嶺南大學持續進修學院 Lingnan Institute of Further Education


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嶺南大學持續進修學院 Lingnan Institute of Further Education

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嶺南大學持續進修學院應用科學學部 (2014)。《學生作品集 = Student project gallery》。香港 : 嶺南大學持續進修學院。

學生作品集 = Student project gallery